Jason Gardiner - Pastor

Pastor Jaygrew up in the San Francisco Bay area then moved to Southern California as a    teen.

It was there that his life was radically changed and also when he truly started his walk with God. He started attending a local Baptist church and their youth group. Not being content with just hanging out at church on a Sunday or youth group on Wed night he started actively serving at youth group, holding lunchtime bible studies at his high school and pretty much sharing Jesus with anyone who would stand still and listen.

After serving for a time at church and right out of high school, he felt called to the mission field. So in ‘87 he travelled to Australia to attend Youth With a Mission, one of the largest missionary sending organizations in the world. He completed his training then went out to minister in many different countries. That’s also where he met his Aussie wife Karen. They continued on with Y.W.A.M for a time, still travelling to various countries, with 4 kids in tow until they moved to the states permanently in ’96.

They kept on with missions until Jason took up an associate Pastor position at a church in Northern California. He was there for 5 years then moved to St Louis to work with a local ministry. It was during that time Jason felt the call to become the full time Pastor of his own church, so in March of 2009 he took the leap of faith and churchSTL was started. Beginning in a basement, moving to an elementary school, a middle school and now at the music conservatory. ChurchSTL is committed to continually abiding in God’s presence both as individuals and a church body so we can all live out His purpose in our local communities, our cities and beyond.

And now some random questions for Pastor Jay;

What book are you currently reading?

Revelation (an exposition) by Kevin Connor

Who’s your favorite 80’s band?


What’s in your iTunes library?

Hillsong, Deadmau5, Coldplay, Rush

Who is your favorite super hero and why?

Definitely Aqauman because who else has can control an eight foot high seahorse with his mind.