About Us

We really are just regular folks who like to keep the things of God simple and uncomplicated. We also know that church isn’t just about a weekend service; it’s about experiencing life together 24/7, no matter where we all are in this life’s journey.

We believe that we need to live everyday in His presence so we can go out and do His purpose. Whether it’s helping out in our local communities, or reaching out to a hurting world, through God’s word.

Jason Gardiner - Pastor

Pastor Jaygrew up in the San Francisco Bay area then moved to Southern California as a    teen.

It was there that his life was radically changed and also when he truly started his walk with God. He started attending a local Baptist church and their youth group. Not being content with just hanging out at church on a Sunday or youth group on Wed night he started actively serving at youth group, holding lunchtime bible studies at his high school and pretty much sharing Jesus with anyone who would stand still and listen.

Shana Thomas

Shana has worked with the children of kidschurch for over 3 years now.  She believes each child has a God-given purpose and an amazing capacity to not only understand God's word, but to live it and grow in their calling. She knows children are an integral part of our community and we have a responsibility to nurture them and learn from them.

She also has the awesome privilege of being married to her best friend Michael. They have 2 incredible children that are the light their lives. Their son Quincy is 7. He loves all things sports and takes great care of his little sister.  Then there is their daughter Jasmine, she is almost 3 and is quite the entertainer, singing and dancing constantly.

What We Believe

WE BELIEVE in one God, who is eternal, all-powerful, and absolutely Holy; who has revealed Himself to man as existing in three distinguishable expressions of His essential being: The Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19; 2 Corinthians 13:14; and John 14:15-17).